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All my life I have been very sensitive. I feel things deeply and can often understand how others are feeling even without speaking to them. For years I viewed this as a weakness, and it has only been in my adult life that I now understand this to be a gift. I love communicating with others and I am very thankful to reiki for showing me an alternate way of accomplishing this.


This alternate way allows me to tune into all my senses so that I may receive important messages for clients and relay the messages in a digestible way. Through impressions, images, feelings, and sound, I’m able to facilitate a beautiful form of energy healing for clients and I leave each session feeling very grateful. My gratitude comes from an understanding that this healing does not come from me, but rather I am allowing it to flow and deliver what is needed for each individual. Every session is completely unique to the person on the table, and I am so amazed with each adventure reiki brings.

I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui and Holy Fire Lineages)  Mindfulness Instructor (Mindfulness Society of Canada) and Hatha Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance). I also provide talks to adults and teens on the benefits of mindfulness practice to improve mental health mixed with comedy (TEDx, CBC.)


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